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In response to the growing numbers of dog attacks on both humans and animals throughout the United States, bereaved family members and survivors of canine attack feel an urgency and obligation to educate the public and to dispel widespread misinformation related to dog bite prevention. By telling their stories and raising awareness about the circumstances of their tragedies, bereaved parents and survivors hope to prevent further death, disfigurement and long-term suffering.

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Daxton’s Friends for Canine Education & Awareness was formed in honor of Daxton Borchardt, who passed away on March 6th, 2013 due to severe injuries sustained in a canine attack.

We strive to provide education to the public about various canine breeds, proper canine safety, and emotional support to victims of canine related incidents.

Daxton’s Friends also serves as a resource for legislators addressing canine related public safety.

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#WinWin Help keep dogs and communities safe.

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How it works: when you ask your locally elected officials to support mandatory spay/neuter
programs for pit bulls you stop the puppy mills and you stop dangerous dogs from being
pumped out into our communities.

Wouldn’t you like to prevent maulings and keep dogs out of the hands of dog fighters? It’s a win-win.

Join us and save lives.

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Your story deserves to be told. We can save many lives and stop these preventable attacks.

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