Araseli’s Abarca Recovery

On April 16th 2015, 5-year-old Araseli was attacked by a Pit Bull in Waukegan, IL. Please help her family with medical cost by donating.



It has been 2 months since she was bit in the face by a pitbull, she is so scared of dogs, any kind of dogs. Even dogs that she knew all her life. When they bark she screams this horrific scream and my heart sinks and I go into a panic mode. we have been putting oils and cream on her scars so hopefully they will go away or not be so noticeable. She will start kindergarten next year and I’m so scared of what are going to say to her. I’m so lucky I still have her in my life and I let her know just how lucky we are. I hear so many stories about other children who did not make it and my heart hurts. So we let her know how lucky she is. She will be having another surgery at the end of July. I will post new photos soon. Thank you for taking the time to read my Araseli’s story.